Lampe Berger Antibacteria

Lampe Berger Antibacteria The first LAMPE BERGER was created in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmacist assistant, to cleanse hospital wards.
As conditions of life were improving, cleansing of premises became a major concern. LAMPE BERGER began to make an effective contribution to hospital disinfection beginning in 1907. It was also introduced into the home, where people were also searching for ways to cleanse the air they were breathing.
In 1930 Fragrance adds dimension of pleasure, the interest for what is beautiful is at its apogee and LAMPE BERGER becomes a collector’s piece.
At the start of the Eighties, a new direction was to be taken by a fruitful partnership with designers.
The company reorganised in 1996: a Research and Development department was set up to continue the quest for continuous improvement of product performance.
A French company from the outset, LAMPE BERGER has built up an international group which now operates on all five continents.
Today, LAMPE BERGER’s task is to contribute to well-being and pleasute in the home.


Air Pur System 3C Thanks to its exclusive burner /catalytic burning nozzle/ patented with the name Air Pur System 3C ®, LAMPE BERGE’s unique system deodorizes and fragrances the air of your home.
The burner Air Pur System 3C ® is the result of 5 years of work and has been patented in 6 international Patent offices.

The unique system of BERGER lamps has the following functions:

- Air Pur System 3C ® burner quickly destroys cooking, tobacco and others unpleasant domestic odors.

- Air Pur System 3C ® perfumes the air in your home.

- Air Pur System 3C ® purifies the air in your home, reduces the bacteria and dust / moulds / in the air under real conditions *

* 46% reduction in micro-organisms in the air in a room with human presence: expert’s report by the Institute Pasteur de Lille on the microbicide properties of LAMPE BERGER NC 0350706 and NC 0871205
and 68% reduction in micro-organisms in the air in a room without human presence: evaluation report on the microbicide effect of the Lampe Berger product, carried out by Agro Hall /February 2001/