Lampe Berger Antibacteria

The benefits of the LAMPE BERGER brand

Cleaner and perfumed air in your home

Cleaner air

LAMPЕ BERGER Fragnances Unlike any other system, which merely masks odours, LAMPE BERGER’s diffusion system uses catalytic oxidation to destroy the molecules responsible for tobacco and cooking odours, etc., thereby contributing to cleaning the air in the home.
-the heat developed by the catalysis attracts and breaks the odours molecules
-the catalyst of the burner supports the oxidation of those molecules and prevents them from combining together again.

The expertise meets a strong need, clearly identified by consumers as one of their reasons for buying: to destroy undesirable odours and clean the air inside the home.

Fragranced air in the home

LAMPE BERGER “Home Fragrancer” offers exclusive benefits to bring well-being and pleasure into your home:
-a unique olfactory quality: LAMPE BERGER’s know-how, a patented innovation, allows extremely fine diffusion of the Home Fragrance, which guarantees fast, homogeneous and durable fragrancing. This triple performance is without equal.
-No detection of inside air pollutants while the LAMPE BERGER is in use: benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene, as well as styrene, naphthalene, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

Home Decorative Objects, recognized in the Art and Decoration world

-a century of original creations by the greatest designers


Anti Bacterial Product

Lampe Berger Anti-Bacterial is an anti-microbial product which contains an active ingredient, Biphenyl-2-ol, which provide a tested efficiency against the micro-organism found in the air – bacteria, moulds and yeast. Lampe Berger Antibacteria

2 minutes of lighting and 30 minutes of diffusion are sufficient for:

• Eliminating 90% of the H1N1 virus on infected surfaces : efficiency of 93.68% on the H1N1virus, observed after 30 min of diffusion of the Anti-Bacterial with Lampe Berger validated by tests performed by the Institute of the Microbiologic Research (France)*

* The tests by the Institute of Microbiologic Research (France, September 2009) prove that the vaporisation of the substance, Anti-Bacterial from Lampe Berger, when it comes into contact with surfaces causes the destruction 93.68% of the H1N1virus after 2 hours.
Despite its great efficacy, Lampe Berger Anti-Bacterial is not a virucide, because it does not achieve the 99.99% destruction required to be classed as a virucide.

•Limiting the proliferation of micro-organisms - bacteria, moulds and yeasts - during several hours following the use of the Anti-Bacterial with the Lampe Berger and significantly reinforcing the protection against risks associated with the presence of micro-organisms in the air.