Berger EasyScent

EASYSCENT™, the new diffuser for well-being!

It’s a revolutionary diffusion system which pumps out essential oils cold.

The intelligent, selfpowered portable EasyScent™ diffuser automatically stops after releasing the correct amount.

Revolutionary, the EasyScent ™ cold diffusion system preserves intact all the properties of the essential oils contained in the fragrances. Since they are not heated, they retain all their virtues throughout diffusion.

EasyScent ™ releases just the right dose of fragrance enriched with essential oils EasyScent - it works by intermittent release – to avoid saturating the atmosphere – and it stops automatically after 4 hours. You can forget about it!

Stand -alone and portable, EasyScent ™ is powered by two rechargeable batteries, so it can be carried with you anywhere in the house or in the office.


EASYSCENT™FRAGRANCES, designed to enrich your day!


EasyScent™ fragrances are the fruit of the expertise of French Master Perfumers. They are alcohol-free and enriched with essential oils, which act on our emotions and sensations due to their stimulating, relaxing or sensual effects.


There are two families of EasyScent™ fragrances:

  • Relaxing fragrances…make every day a relaxed one!
  • Stimulating fragrances…release your inner energy!


Combining essential oils with alcohol-free fragrances, gives EasyScent™ fragrances their original nature and the olfactory quality of great indoor fragrances.


EasyScent Set




EASYSCENT™ - each diffuser is presented in a box set containing:


  • the diffuser
  • 1 free 20-hour Fragrance EasyScent™ Refill
  • 2 rechargeable batteries, already charged and in place, and a charger




What is the difference between EasyScent™ and the Lampe Berger lamp?


The Lampe Berger lamps acts on the air in the home: it deodorises and purifies by eliminating unpleasant odours (this involves hot diffusion), fragrances over a long period and is a decorative object in the home. EasyScent™ acts on the people present in the home, their moods and feelings; its fragrancing creates a bubble of well-being around you (this involves cold diffusion).


What is the fragrancing capacity of EasyScent™?


The main function of EasyScent™ is to subtly fragrance the room in which it is placed in order to have an effect on the behaviour of the occupants thanks to the aromachological virtues of the fragrances enriched with essential oils. EasyScent™ fragrancing creates a delicate bubble of well-being within which the consumer can relax or recharge according to their needs.