A distinctive brand requires clear characteristics which you can count on the fingers of one hand.

At  REISENTHEL, “innovation” is at the forefront. The brand reinvents itself constantly with new products, new ideas and new designs.

“Zeitgeist” is thesecond main focus. The products are icons of an attitude to life, ideal companions for all those who love and master their professions, their families and their lives.

Thirdly, theyhave “functionality”. REISENTHEL products are extremely practical, clearly designed and perfect for everyday life.

Fourthly, there’s “lifestyle”. REISENTHEL is a good mood brand. It makes life colourful in a vital, optimistic way.

And, last but not least, “authenticity”. REISENTHEL is a family enterprise. This factor comes across in the brand. It has charm, charisma and soul.

REISENTHEL products are extremely functional and versatile - perfect for everyday mobility needs. The materials thatare usedare remarkably robust and durable. The first-class design merges with the product quality into a perfect blend of form and function. The technical expertise makes sure that the products solve problems instead of causing them. REISENTHEL products make life just that much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Reisenthel mocha dots
Reisenthel baroque sand
Reisenthel colordots
Reisenthel grey dots
Reisenthel flora