Amélie et Mélanie


LOTHANTIQUE is a French cosmetics company which production is inspired by the traditional receipts and practice of Haute-Provence in the  creation of natural beauty products.

AMÉLIE ET MÉLANIE is the brand of luxury series of products of LOTHANTIQUE, a manifestation of beauty in which you would like to enter with vanity.  With its wonderful compositions of fragrances, elegant design of glass bottles and perfect quality, AMÉLIE ET MÉLANIE will bring style and individuality in your home, and will make you feel unique.

Discover the charm of this luxurious natural cosmetics and enjoy the scents of a dreamed pleasure.

Today, after so many years of tradition, the fertile South France continues to be an inspiration for all products AMÉLIE ET MÉLANIE. Immerse in the natural world of Hаute-Provence.

True beauty comes from within, but good cosmetics helps to be shown in all its  glory.


Amélie et Mélanie Collections

Amelie et Melanie Salon des voluptés

Salon des voluptés

Amelie et Melanie Murmure de fleurs

Murmure de fleurs

Amelie et Melanie Linge blanc

Linge blanc

Amelie et Melanie Réve d`anges

Réve d`anges

Amelie et Melanie Que de l'amour

Que de l'amour