Welcome to the fine, elusive and sensual world of LOTHANTIQUE.

The history starts in 1920 in the foot of the lavender covered Lure Mountain, South France.

Over the years, the family business expanded the production from lavender essential oil to lavender sachets, soaps and eaux de toilettes.

In 1987 the grandchildren re-launched the business and they called their company LOTHANTIQUE.

The philosophy of the company is uniting the traditionand modernism, applying the practices of Haute-Provence to current advances in technology and skin care.

LOTHANTIQUE products are formulated with environmental consciousness – by using recyclable packaging, tracking wastes and respecting nature, both plant and animal life. LOTHANTIQUE contributes to a safer world in which we as human beings can be proud to live in.

LOTHANTIQUE offers you a complete line of products for everyday care of the skin and a variety of fragrances for your home, which are needed to enhance your self-confidence and calmness.

LOTHANTIQUE products are created on the basis of natural ingredients and fragrances. The creation of each product and the selection of its flavor takes almost two years of work. The company tests the products over and over again in order to satisfy the desires of the clients and answer their requirements for high quality.

Take a walk in Haute-Provence and sense the unbelievable colors, fragrances and beauty of this land.


Lothantique Collections

Lothantique Jardin de roses

Jardin de roses

Lothantique Les lavandes de l'oncle Nestor

Les lavandes de l'oncle Nestor

Lothantique L'heure du Thé

L'heure du Thé

Lothantique Le Mas des Verveines

Le Mas des Verveines

Lothantique Le Bouquet de Lili

Le Bouquet de Lili

Lothantique Le Temps des Fruits

Le Temps des Fruits

Lothantique Le Collectionneur

Le Collectionneur

Lothantique Lothantique accessories

Lothantique accessories