Lampe Berger



The LAMPE BERGER guarantee

The LAMPE BERGER product was invented more than 100 years ago to counter the proliferation of bacteria in hospital wards. 

The LAMPE BERGER product, often copied or imitated but never equalled, has had the advantage of continuous efforts in research and innovation to offer users one of the safest, most effective solutions for purifying, deodorising and fragrancing air on the market.

This efficiency in protecting the individual against risks from presence of micro-organisms in ambient air has given LAMPE BERGER brand itsinternational reputation.





The performance of the catalytic diffusion makes it possible to:

  • Act on the ambient air by destroying certain molecules responsible amongst others for bad odours
  • Diffuse an invisible fragranced composition into the air very quickly.


LAMPE BERGER, true to its original vocation, has developed a new “Lampe Berger Anti-Bacterial” formula adapted to the original catalytic diffusion method used in the Lampe Berger. 

Lampe Berger Fragnances

Lampe Berger Dreams of Fruit

Dreams of Fruit

Lampe Berger Floral Dreams

Floral Dreams

Lampe Berger Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Lampe Berger Dreams of Freshness

Dreams of Freshness

Lampe Berger EasyScent fragrances

EasyScent fragrances