“Zira Trading” Ltd. is importer of several brands of natural cosmetics and home accessories. Our team of young and creative employees strives to satisfy the high expectations for quality and variety of the products, to establish long-term and straightforward relationships and to justify the trust of our clients.

          With competency and responsibility, we stress on the extravagant and innovative grounded by the tradition and practicality.



BATH& BODY® is a trading mark successfully introducing a new concept for retail store.

BATH& BODY® is a space that generates emotions, colors, aromas and style.



BATH& BODY® is intended for people who appreciate beauty and scent of nature. For people who insist on high quality, original and practical design.

BATH& BODY® works for You – our clients! Your wishes are our priority.



The special attention of BATH& BODY® towards the evolution of style and taste reaches its maximum in the desire to come close to people and create a relationship of shared values and emotions. For this purpose, BATH& BODY® created a new concept of retail shop. The visitors discover a world to join without hesitation.


          BATH& BODY® key-word is EMOTION

          Emotion as sensations of nature, purity and charming aroma embedded in high quality products.

          Emotion as delight for the body and soul.

Emotion inspired by the irresistible desire to shop and possess.


          Enter the world of BATH& BODY® stores!